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Black History Month: A Key Part Of Ontario’s Rich History

It is a time to celebrate the people who, despite many historical barriers, helped build, develop, and defend this country

Giving Ontario Students The Support They Need To Follow Their Dreams

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) applications will now be available in February

National Non-Smoking Week – January 16 - 22

Every day, 36 people die from tobacco use in our province. Tobacco-related diseases are the leading cause of preventable deaths in Ontario, costing our economy $1.93 billion in direct health care costs

One Million More Ontarians Have A Family Doctor

3,000 more family doctors available to treat Ontario patients

Volunteer Service Awards

Awards are an important way to recognize volunteers who have provided service over many years.

Victims Services Awards of Distinction

Victim Services Awards of Distinction recognize the exceptional achievement of dedicated professionals and volunteers in the field of victim services and also acknowledge individual victims who were able to move forward and forge a better future for thems

Making Things A Little Easier for Ontario Families

Working together with Ontarians, our government has been cutting taxes and creating incentives to grow the job market to make things easier for Ontario families

What Ontario's Clean Energy Revolution Means For You

Nearly 50,000 Ontarians will find work in the field of clean energy

Electricity Cost Relief on the Way

Ontario Clean Energy Benefit, which would provide eligible consumers with a benefit equal to 10 per cent of the total cost of electricity on their bills, including tax, effective January 1, 2011

Remembrance Day

Lest We Forget

How the HST Benefits Small Businesses

Open Ontario Plan makes life a little easier for small businesses, and for all the rest of us too

Moving Ontario Forward Together

Ontario has gone from being one of the Canadian provinces hit hardest by the recession to the one of the fastest growing

Ontario Sales Tax Credit

Government of Ontario's tax package, including the HST, will create 591,000 additional new jobs, $47 billion in new business investment and increase the wages of workers across the province

Ontario Improving its Graduated Licensing System and Getting Tougher on Drinking Drivers

Since the Graduated Licensing System was introduced in 1994, the fatality rate among drivers 16 to 19 years of age dropped by 48 per cent

Government wants to hear from Condominium Owners

Survey will ask condo owners about the experiences they’ve had with condo buying, as well as with their condo corporations, boards of directors, repairs and maintenance, reserve funds and dispute resolution

A Fun and Safe Summer on the Water for all Ontarians

Government of Ontario is reviewing all of our recreational water safety initiatives

HST: What's Taxable and What's Not

Making Ontario competitive following the global recession

Rent Increase Guideline Lowest in History

Tenants will enjoy the smallest rent increases in the 35 year history of rent controls in Ontario

The HST: Strong Medicine for the Ontario Economy

Open Ontario plan will level the global playing field for Ontario businesses, allowing us to be more competitive around the world

York Centre Families Begin Receiving Transition Payments

McGuinty Government’s Tax Plan Will Strengthen Economy, Create Jobs

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