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  • April 25, 2014

Kathleen Wynne Steering Ontario to Safer Shores

Upcoming Budget and Six-Point Plan Create Opportunity, Build Security

Kathleen Wynne Steering Ontario to Safer Shores

Upcoming Budget and Six-Point Plan Create Opportunity, Build Security 

By Monte Kwinter

The world economy is still turbulent, and that uncertainty continues to affect Ontario.

Our province weathered the worst of the global economic storm through firm economic management, and by working together to create jobs and prosperity.  For the benefits of Ontario’s ongoing economic recovery to reach all workers, we need safe hands and a steady balance.

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s balanced, practical plan is about creating opportunity and security for people everywhere in Ontario.

For Premier Wynne and the Ontario Liberals, the only test that matters is whether all of our people are doing better, not just some of them.

Are they able to put their kids through school?  Will their kids get well-paying jobs?  Can they afford the things their families need?  Are they getting the health care they can depend on?  Can they look forward to retiring with a decent income and in dignity and security?

As your government, we are focused on expanding opportunity and building security for all. That’s the difference between a party that delivers real progress – and a party that just makes promises.

Ontario Liberals believe in the people of this province and in giving them the tools they need to lift themselves up – not in reckless schemes that cut people down by taking away all the gains we’ve made in health and education.

With safe hands and steady balance, Premier Wynne is charting the right course to create, attract, and deliver well-paying jobs for the people of Ontario.

A job is more than just a good pay cheque:  it’s the security to provide for your family and your retirement, it’s the opportunity to pursue your hopes and dreams, it’s the path to reaching your potential in a fair society, and it needs to begin today.

That’s why we’re dedicating $35 billion to build schools and hospitals, roads and subways, highways and bridges.  It’s an investment that will create 100,000 new good-paying jobs, keep our people moving, and prepare us for tomorrow’s opportunities. 

That’s why we’re defending the right of all Ontarians to retire in dignity with security, because people who have worked hard and played by the rules all of their lives should be rewarded with a retirement that keeps them in the middle class.  While other parties attack these values, this is not the Ontario Liberal way.

We have a six-point plan to create good jobs and fair opportunity.  It’s practical and realistic, focused on our people’s skills and talents, and already working.

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